Be Inspired.

Be Comfortable.

Be Happy.

BOOTNAUT T.SHIRTS were thought up with the desire to challenge your creativity and not to follow trends too rigidly. Just enough to discover what works for you. Then go and play, have fun and seek an adventure. Whilst playing, we can also respect other players and nature along the way.

Be light hearted and go for it!

Bootnaut T.Shirts are made of 100 % ring-spun cotton, which is longer lasting and more durable. Together with the design imprinted into the cotton allows your T.Shirt to be worn again and again.

Designs are not for a fleeting trend. Adorn your own style and make it your individual look.

We mixed up pieces from old fashion items, vintage and second hand clothes with our T.Shirts for our photo shoot.


Bootnaut T.Shirts

100% Cotton

Bootnaut T.Shirts

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How It’s Made

T.Shirts are made in England.

T.SHIRTS are made of 100% 0rganic ring-spun cotton.

This makes the fabric more durable, longer lasting and softer.


Discharge printing was used for the graphics on the Bootnaut T Shirts.

Discharge printing makes the pattern a part of the garment.

This is accomplished because the ink has re-dyed the actual cotton fibres, instead of resting on top of them

It will wear like a T.Shirt with no print on it.

Discharge inks will never crack and the design’s integrity will remain until the shirt has worn down to rags.

This process also keeps your T. Shirt super-soft.