In the glow and warmth of the fire that smouldered before us.

We sat upon the Ridgeway, a star-lit sky hanging above us, and gazed toward the heavens.

The stars dance in the sky as we stared into the abyss.

Showing us just how beautiful the night can be with no light but that of the fire flickering along the hillside.

Occasionally, the wind whistled past our ears, bringing a wisp of coolness to contrast the radiating heat from the flames.

Wrapped up in blankets, and huddled together, we worried about nothing.

Enjoying the joyful yet relaxing music pouring from the quiet speaker; accompanied only by the occasional crack of the fire.

There is no better way to spend an evening, than with two dear friends, roaring fire and merriment to match, roast marshmallows, sausages and a beautiful night’s sky.

The flames licked eagerly at the heavy logs we had foraged from the nearby woods, and slowly set upon devouring them.

Conversation filled the air for hours.

Laughter echoing into the night.

Followed by whispers of passing thoughts that gently steered us in to uninterrupted words.

As the fire grew old, so we grow weary.

Parting the final embers of the once fierce fire, we fought through the brisk cold that increased with the lonely night hour.

Sleep filled with ancient dreams took over.

While the night’s spirits and nocturnals roamed around and above us.

A perfect day.