Walking on Saturday night, 31 st October 2020, I could not stop admiring the Hunter’s Blue Moon that adorned the night’s sky, lighting the path ahead of me.

It was All Hallow’s Eve and there was a vibrant excitement to the evening.

The evening was a very auspicious one.

With chats remembering dear loved ones who have left this world and thought-provoking rambling discussions taking turns in all directions.

There was an excitement and a heightened sense of awareness to the chit chat around the fire with friends.

The following day I pondered over this on a blustery stormy Sunday.

There seemed an array of emotions and moods in the air as we neared the Full Moon.

The rise and fall of the Earth’s Oceans, driven by the gravitational pull of the moon seemed to me to echo the ambiance to the days leading up to the Full Moon.

For centuries people have believed the moon affects people’s behaviour.

I have always felt there to be an external influence of the cycles of the moon on how I behave and feel.

The word lunacy derives from Latin lunaticus, meaning ‘moonstruck.’

The best thing for me to do is be outside and if it’s not too over-cast I love to soak myself in the moon’s rays.

It awakens something in me that revitalises my energy and clarifies my goals and allows me to feel some ancient energy.

Energy that exists around us but sometimes we forget with technology to embrace.

These natural events are a perfect time to connect to nature.

The next full moon’s this year are the Beaver Moon on November 30 th and the Cold Moon on December 29th 2020.

the Hunter’s Blue Moon